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Below are examples of our work, including documentaries, ENG, written articles and published photos...


Saving Orphaned Chimps - DRC, For Global Post (2012)

JACK Sanctuary works with wildlife authorities to rescue orphaned chimps from the illegal bushmeat and pet trade in the DRC. Despite the heart-breaking backgrounds of these chimps, there is now hope for their future. We have visited the santuary 3 times in the last year to document JACK's story. We produced a report for Global Post and the video can be viewed at


Phinda & Dinokeng - For Reuters, Africa Journal (2011)

We regularly contribute to Reuters' Africa Journal weekly programme that broadcasts internationally. Late in 2011 Phinda Game Reserve, one of Africa's founding eco-tourism destinations, celebrated it's 20th anniversary. Around the same time, Gauteng's first big 5 game reserve was born. For the first time in over 100 years, lions roam freely in the province. We covered both events for Africa Journal.


Battle of the Swamp Pride (also "Slowest Lions"), for Nat Geo Wild (2011) 

After many months of filming over a period of three years, production on Swamp Lions was completed in early 2011 and will be aired on Nat Geo Wild in the last quarter of 2011. Nick was one of the cameramen in 2009 and 2010. Nick filmed the only kill sequence among many other sequences used in the documentary.

Click here to see the Nat Geo Wild trailer


Pangolin Research in Kalahari Desert for 50/50 (October, 2011)

We spent a couple of weeks in the Kalahari desert filming the rarely seen ,and even more rarely filmed, Ground pangolin. Watch on 50/50, SABC2 at 7.30pm on Monday 24th October (South Africa).

50/50 website


River Rafting, Zambezi, for Global Post (September, 2011)

As the rafting season begins, we follow the guides as they take their guests on one of the world's highest-grade rapids, below the mighty Victoria Falls in Zambia. Livingstone is an economically booming town, and the locals recognise that this all revolves around the Zambezi River.


Eco-lodges in Zambia & Botswana (September, 2011)

Aired on the international 'Africa Journal' show produced by Reuters, the reportage special feature covers the brilliant eco-initiatives of two African lodges; one in Livingstone, Zambia, and one in the Katanga province, DRC.


Getaway blogs

A number of blogs about our travels, filming and the people we meet:

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&Beyond mark their 20th anniversary (2011)

In preparation for the celebration of &Beyond’s 20th anniversary in September 2011, Natural History Media was approached by &Beyond to film and produce a mini documentary on the history and achievements of Phinda, &Beyond’s flagship game reserve and lodges, highlighting their award winning contributions to conservation in South Africa and dedication to empowering the communities surrounding Phinda.

Coming soon...


Rhino Poaching in Limpopo, Reuters (June, 2011)

Having previously been involved in filming a series on rhino poaching in South Africa, we maintain our role in fighting the massacre and do our bit to keep the issue in the news. In June, 3 rhino were poached on the Botswana border: two adults and, shockingly, a 9 month old calf. This footage went to Reuters and Euronews.

Coming soon...


Dogs 101, Animal Planet (2011)

In May, Nick joined the Animal Planet team as a sound man and second camera in Namibia to film an episode of Dogs101 on the Anatolian Shepherd.

Animal Planet Trailer


Wilderness Safaris & Natural History Media go iPad (April, 2011)

At Rocktail Bay beach camp, we had the absolute pleasure of listening to Gibson Mkhize on the traditional Zulu uses of fungus found in the area. Those with Ipad will be able to see this on Wilderness' Ipad app.


Africa’s Deadliest, series for National Geographic Channel (2011)

Nick completed his role as cameraman on this series produced by Aquavision TV Productions for National Geographic Channel. Nick filmed this series for over 8 months and in addition to HD filming, he shot a number of specialist sequences in macro and high-speed of anything from deadly scorpions striking prey to fish eagles hunting.

Click here to see the 3300fps slow motion of a fish eagle taking a fish


3D series African Wild, for 3net:Discovery/IMAX/Sony (2011)

In March 2011, Vanessa completed production on a 3D series called African Wild on behalf of Aquavision TV Productions for the new channel 3net, a joint venture 3D channel launched by Discovery, Sony and Imax. The series called African Wild takes viewers on a larger-than-life experience into the habitats and lives of Africa’s wildlife. Vanessa also directed Nick and the 3D cameramen in two Behind-The-Scenes episodes of the making of the series for Sony.

Click here for Discovery's details on this exciting series.


Inside Nature’s Giants – For Windfall Productions, for Channel 4 UK(2011)

Nick joined the award-winning Inside Nature’s Giants crew as a cameraman on location on the banks of Luangwa River in Zambia. This episode will be aired on Channel 4 later on this year.


DC6- Empress of Suva (December 2010)

The historic last flight of the magnificent aircraft was aired on 
Carte Blanch early in 2011. On behalf of Aquavision TV Productions Nick shot the fly-over arrival and last landing of the majestic DC-6, marking the end of a by-gone era. She was a troop carrier into the Congo in the 60's for the UN, a passenger aircraft for Swaziland, Norwegian, Canadian and Swedish airlines, plus a cattle carrier across Europe. Click here to read more of her history, and click here to see part 2 of Carte Blanche's video insert on her.


Pafuri Baby Bush Babies (December 2010)

Bush babies are always a pleasure to see at night, and a rarity during the day as they are nocturnal. We had incredible sightings of a bush baby with 3 babies (youngsters) at Wilderness' Pafuri Camp in the north of Kruger National Park. We were able to film this from below to make out for some really cute, and rarely seen footage. Click the links below for both a photo article and film:

Photos (Courtesy of Caroline Culbert: Wilderness Safaris)


Video link (Edited by Wilderness Safaris)


Pafuri Camp Promotional - Wilderness Safaris (December 2010)

In the sweltering heat of December, Vanessa and Nick spent a week at Wilderness Safari's Pafuri camp, situated in the north of Kruger National Park, South Africa. Click here to see Wilderness' edited version on Wilderness Safaris' YouTube channel.


Central African chimp rescue expedition (November, 2010)

The highly publicised rescue of Claude, a chimp from the Central African Republic, was carried out by team including Jane Goodall Institute South Africa, Kingsley Holgate for United Against Malaria and a group of eco-adventurers in an expedition called Central Afrika Expeditionary Force. Vanessa directed the filming of the arrival of the rescue expedition in South Africa and admission of Claude into quarantine; Nick was one of three cameramen documenting this momentous occasion on behalf of Aquavision TV Productions. A short version of the event was aired on local environmental current affairs programme 50|50 and a feature film is due to be released on the big screen later in 2011.

Click here to see a video of it from 50/50's YouTube channel.


Michaela Strachan and the Ajubatus Foundation on Lion Demographics in the Kruger National Park (2010 - present)

In late 2010 Vanessa produced a promotional mini documentary for the Ajubatus Foundation using the Foundation’s archive material. Vanessa directed Michaela Strachan in additional sequences as the presenter on the mini-doc. Later in 2011, Vanessa will direct Nick on first camera and a second cameraman in filming a full-length documentary with Ajubatus for an international broadcaster.

Click here to see their YouTube link


Rhino Wars, a 50|50 insert (2010)

Local environmental and conservation current affairs programme 50|50 aired a segment on rhino poaching produced and directed by Vanessa Lucas and filmed almost entirely by Nick Ball for Aquavision as a promo for a series on rhino poaching in South Africa.


AFP - Black rhino Translocation, Serengeti, Tanzania (2010)

Nick Ball was the only cameraman allowed to film the rare black rhino's being released into their secret bomas at night, somewhere in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. His footage, obtained using an infra-red camera, was used by news channels across the globe, including AFP as seen in the link below.

AFP - Black rhino translocation video

FZS article


Predator Battleground, National Geographic Channel (2010)

Nick Ball acted as scientific advisor on this wildlife documentary filmed in the Savute in Botswana.

National Geographic synopsis


Caught in the Act, a series for National Geographic Channel (2008 - 2010)

This on-going series was first produced and aired on National Geographic Channel in 2008. Vanessa joined the Caught in the Act team as a producer on behalf of Aquavision TV Productions at the end of 2008 and produced a number of episodes over 2009 and into 2010.

About Caught in the Act


The Last Lioness, National Geographic Channel/Animal Planet (2009)

Vanessa Lucas developed The Last Lioness, an award-winning documentary produced by Aquavision TV Productions for National Geographic and Animal Planet. In 2011, the Last Lioness film won the ROSCAR award for Best African Wildlife Filmmaker at Wild Talk 2011.

National Geographic synopsis





Caught on Safari: Live. A live-broadcast special series aired on National Geographic Channel (2008)

Vanessa wrote and assistant produced episodes in this epic series signalling the first Africa safari broadcast live from the Kruger National Park, on behalf of Aquavision TV Productions.

National Geographic synopsis


Bonecrusher Queens, Clash of the Hyenas, National Geographic Channel (2008)

In a film produced by Aquavision for National Geographic and which won the 

Japan Wildlife Film Festival - Judges Recognition Award award plus the 32nd International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula Honourable Mention for Animal Behaviour. Nick was consulted as a scientific advisor during the making of this film based on the behaviour of spotted hyenas in a wildlife area in western Zambia.


Liuwa Plain, Zambia, for travel magazine Leisure Wheels (2007)

In 2007 Vanessa spent almost four months living in a village in western Zambia, on the edge of wildlife paradise Liuwa Plain, where she headed up an ecotourism marketing project for African Parks Network. While there, she indulged in one of her passions, travel writing. See the link for the article that was published in South African travel magazine, Leisure Wheels.

Link to article (PDF)








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